Nan McCan

“WOW! My experience was amazing. I first entered Allen Interiors unannounced and was met by Patti Allen. At the time we hadn’t decided to build. Well that day we put together an entire kitchen. Once the decision to build was made I set up an appointment. Upon my arrival all products looked at earlier were laid out and that continued throughout the process. It grew to hardware all lighting, paint, all floors and vanity. When I asked Patti why everything was laid out she replied “I want you to be sure you are happy with your choices”.

There weren’t any hiccups with the builders as Allen Interiors had everything on site and installed as scheduled. I would certainly recommend Allen Interiors for any of your interior building needs. They offer a knowledgeable, calm, personal atmosphere.

Allen Interiors is a “5 star” business and they should be very proud of their operation. Enjoyed it all.

Thank you Patti for walking me through this process. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

- Nan McCan