Our Vision

We strive to be the best one stop shop for home interior products - period. Whether it's a new home, or a home renovation, we provide you with quality products, innovative design ideas, excellent customer service, and complete satisfaction. 



Our Team

  Patti Allen , Owner & Designer

Patti Allen, Owner & Designer

  Shelby Junker , Designer

Shelby Junker, Designer


Our staff has been working to make our client's dreams a reality since 2009. From the beginning of the project, to the very last detail, we work with you through every step of the planning, designing, and renovation process.  

  Terry Allen , Manager

Terry Allen, Manager

  Keenan Johnston , Installer

Keenan Johnston, Installer

  Jeff Woods , Installer

Jeff Woods, Installer

  Nic Carter , Licensed G2 Gas Fitter/Installer

Nic Carter, Licensed G2 Gas Fitter/Installer